Smokers Gift Ideas for Birthday Sesh

Different Things You Can Give in a Birthday Sesh

Turn on the blinding neon lights, and put your speakers at maximum volume. It will be a long night, and it is all yours to savor. Get the party started until you hear the rooster's call!

If you know someone who enjoys partying, staying up smoking, or otherwise ingesting nice stuff, consider buying them a present from the newest and best that the growing cannabis industry has to offer. Your cannabis-enthusiast friend will be pleasantly delighted with these thoughtful gifts that are in line with their interests.

In this article, we provided at least 18 ideas for you to choose from if you are planning to give a gift to your stoner friend on a Sesh Birthday.


What is the best gift for your stoner friend?

With the wide range of products and brands popping up side by side currently in the smoke industry, many pot users have started becoming picky and critical with their preferences. For instance, they tend to have collections of preferred brands for rolling trays, smoke pipes, bongs, or even ashtrays. Because of this, it might take a while for you to pick out a gift that you think they'll truly appreciate; as a result, selecting the ideal present for a stoner becomes a challenging task.

To help you in this dilemma, we picked some items from various websites and stores to help you easily identify the perfect gift for cannabis loving individuals.


  • Pathology MoodPatch (A Chill Mode 5-Pack Eye Gels)

Let your friend get some extra relaxation by gifting them these five-pack eye gels. Adding some Pathology Mood Patch's cooling eye gels to your relaxing session will make the experience more enjoyable and worthwhile. This sensation is due to the use of Cannabis sativa (Hemp, or industrial hemp) seed oils. The combination of Rhodiola Rosea and reishi mushroom compounds aids in relaxing and soothing the region around the eyes.

It's a perfect gift to your friend who may usually look inhuman or weary after excessive 4/20 smoking.


  • Personalized Cigar Cases and holders

You can never go wrong with giftin a friend with personalized stuff. While it may not look ravishing than other gift options, personalized items are a more thoughtful gesture that you can gift your friend.

If you know someone who enjoys smoking cigars frequently, you might consider giving them a customized cigar holder or case. This way, they can enjoy their smoking experience much more while thinking of you everytime they used their cigar holder. The case will express their own kind of personality and quirk, allowing them to be delighted to display it at every occasion.

For this gift option, you can also choose to engrave his name or some cool logos and words to add some personal value to them. Try to get ahold of your friend's interests or preferences to make the gift feel much more personable and intimate.


  • Engraved Lighter

Cigar and cigarette users will also appreciate a personalized torch with their name etched on it. Handy and compact, personalized engraved lighters are great gifts that they will lovingly bring with them in their pockets or purse for a long time. You may personalize the present even further by engraving a specific phrase into the lighter, turning the item into a much more memorable gift.
Lighters are one of the items that you can easily show off and brag about around the party. However, since lighters are smaller than usual, they tend to get misplaced easily. Just make sure to tell your friend to be careful in not losing it.


  • Eight Ball Ashtray

Thanks to the fact that it is both entertaining and valuable, the sleek eight-ball ashtray is indeed the ideal present for a cigarette or smoke lover. This excellent ashtray also includes a metallic coating that enables you to store the ash and prevents smoky odors from dispersing throughout your house.

The user only needs to lay the ash on the lid and then pull it down on the ashtray's black lever. The ashes will easily fall directly at the bottom of the container. They will never see it again unless they have to dispose of it in the garbage can.


  • Weed Wall Line Art Drawing

Does your friend love cannabis and have an eye for art at the samet time? If yes, then this is the perfect gift for them. Posters or wall art paintings could be a unique and elegant gift, but it is not always typical to create marijuana art in the form of a traditional neon and colorful style. People prefer to have a much simpler and minimalist approach to their aesthetics in modern home decorations. If your friend is one of them, a stylish poster and wall art could be your best option. Gifting them a weed wall line art drawing will help them have a tangible remembrance of their interest; they can also hang it in their room or personal space however they prefer!


  • Shisha Pipe

If your friend is someone who enjoys smoking herbs instead of tobacco, you should search no further than a shisha pipe to satisfy their need. With a wide variety of pipes to pick from, you're sure to discover the right gift to complement your loved one's unique character. Furthermore, you might present them with various flavors that they will like as a reward. If they are someone who enjoys smoking but does not want to use tobacco, this is the ideal present for them. Don't miss to purchase the charcoal to go along with it.


  • Tetra Pink Elbow Pipe

Swirly, wavy designs on objects have become increasingly popular throughout the last few years. That being said, this joyfully squiggly Elbow pipe made of bright pink borosilicate glass will be no exception. The one-of-a-kind pipe component is meant to fit comfortably into the palm while simultaneously capturing and exhibiting the vapor that billows inside with each cigarette blow.

This pink pipe is very fashionable and can be a great addition that follows a specific color pattern, primarily pink.


You can buy this item in their store, visit their official website at


  • Summerland The Land Yacht

Here is another bong design that can also function as a beautiful vase while not in use. The Summerland's components are carefully crafted in small quantities in Northern California, featuring lead-free and food-safe glazes and ceramic materials. According to the website, each piece is finished with a high-quality silicone grommet that provides "clean shots and sealed carbohydrates every time."

You can buy this item in their store, visit their website at


  • High-quality Bongs

Of course, who doesn't appreciate good classic bongs? In achieving your desired euphoria, you won't have any problems with a bong: they're great for both party and individual experiences and provide rapid effects. Bongs are the everyman of the cannabis smoking universe, and they are trendy. The only thing you need to do is find the best store that offers high-quality bongs.

Check out our awesome bong collection on our site. We have varieties and styles for you to choose from


  • A Dab Rigs

In addition to the many advantages that dab rigs provide, one such advantage is that the taste produced using dab extracts is far more intense, rich, and intense than intaking marijuana using various methods.

A significant difference between dab rigs and bongs is that dab rings allow you to save money while still obtaining a greater dosage by just using a little amount of stuff in the chamber. This is not applicable with bongs, and it is one of their distinctive features that makes them stand out

Check out our awesome Dab rings collection on our site. We have varieties and styles for you to choose from.


  • Pipes

If you don't want to become too extra with your present, a classic pipe can help you. Gifting a classic pipe to your friend is always a no-brainer when it comes to events like this. Apart from being functional and usable, they also make for a thoughtful gift for any stoner.

Sometimes people tend to confuse which one is better of these two (Pipe or Bong). To put it simply, here is the main difference:

Choose a bong if you like a smoother, greater hit and want the flexibility of using bigger bowl sizes. If you exclusively smoke at your house alone, a bong is a good choice. On the other hand, pipes are better options for smokers who are constantly ont the move. It's also great for a smoker who doesn't mind a slightly harder hit, and with the dose coming from a decent-sized but not too massive bowl of tobacco.

Check out our awesome pipe collection on our site. We have varieties and styles for you to choose from.

  • Ic Twisted Magnum- 16" Straight Shooter
  • Light Green to Sea Green
  • Lemon Yellow to Metallic Pink


  • Smoke Eyeshadow Palette Collection

If your friend is someone who wants to get high while still slaying looks while they're at it, then this is your best bet. A smokey eyeshadow palette collection is a perfect gift for someone more into creating unique looks at the party. Tons of brands offer a wide range of eyeshadow pallet collections consisting of 4/20 and Green themed products. Smoke Sessions Eyeshadow Palette by Melt cosmetics can quickly achieve any warm or cool-toned, emerald eyeshadow appearance. Various euphoric effects can be envisioned using this palette, making the experience more immersive. It has eight specially produced hues in matte and metallic textures.

Inspired by the structure of a cannabis plant, from its luscious stems and leaves to its complex blooms and trichomes, this eyeshadow color palette is a celebration of all things green and marijuana.




  • Stand up ceramic pipe

If you want to go a little expensive and classy, this next gift idea could be your choice. The stand-up ceramic pipe is polished in a sleek black matte and is very lightweight, but it still feels undeniable strong and solid in your palm despite its lightweight and minimalist design.

The bowl inside this pipe is enormous. For one, the heavy chambers and stems extending to the mouthpiece can handle a substantial amount of smoke, which implies it can provide a powerful hit if you need it to do so. This makes it a perfect gift for your friend all the more, especially if they're in the business of getting high.


For just a ceramic pipe, this one is a stand-out. Even if it's just resting on the table, it's as if it's almost screaming to be smoked. If you want more information about the item "Stand Up Ceramic Spoon from RYOT."

  • GPen Dash

Who doesn't want a vaporizer? The GoPro of vapes is considered to be the GPen Dash. This vaporizer is somewhat small, yet it hits hard as well. It has a glass surface metal heating chamber inside, including a clear air route in its little vaporizer. The hits are abundant and slick. If you're always needing a compact vape for daily errands, the GPen Dash is an excellent on-the-go vape.


  • Stoner's Coloring Book

Are you seeking to unwind with some surreal visuals? Search no further. Coloring is a calming pastime that - other than smoking - can be done at any time. The Stoner's Coloring Book is filled with psychedelic visuals that will help you relax after a hard day of hard smoking.


  • USB Rechargeable Lighter

Everything is electric nowadays, so it's no surprise that some companies have already manufactured electric lighters. Even so, we're not complaining! Electric lighters could be the best gift for your stoner friend. These electric lighters propose a new and safer method to light candles. Not only that, but electric rechargeable lighters also advertise themselves as airproof, splashproof, and ecologically friendly.

  • A Marijuana Beanie

Marijuana Beanie can be the best gift to someone who wants to express their 420 angst publicly. Don't allow the onset of cold winter air to dampen your desire to smoke. This fluffy beanie is on-trend and highly comfortable to wear. Make a statement all winter long so everybody you contact will know you're all about "living the green life."



  • Edible Cannabis

Cannabis sweets are a wonderful Christmas present for stoners, especially during the festive season. Among the many various edibles available are candy cupcakes and brownies, to name just a few. It is essential to double-check the dose before giving an edible as a present since certain delicacies may be pretty intense and dangerous, and you don't want to put yourself in danger just by providing a simple gift in a Sesh Birthday.


  • Marijuana Birthday Cake Design

Of course, who wouldn't appreciate a marijuana birthday cake design on their birthday? This quirky and fun cake will allow your stoner friend to enjoy their special day even more. A marijuana-designed cake is the cherry on top to their party, especially since it expresses what your friend loves doing the most. You can also try personalizing the design according to their aesthetic, which they'll surely appreciate.


What is a Water Pipe?

A water pipe is the same thing as a bong. But to differentiate the two, Water pipes are any smoking device that utilizes water as a filtering mechanism, pulling smoke through the water to cool it down after it has been smoked.

What is getICglass?

We are manufacturers and sellers of high-quality glass bongs for smoking and personalized glass pipes. We are aiming to provide the best smoking experience using our products.

How to contact getlCglass?

To contact getICglass, you can reach out to us using our email account at

Our line is always open from Monday to Saturday at 9am to 10 pm, and 10am to 6pm on Sundays. Rest assured that we will readily address your concerns and inquiries.



Those who like smoking would undoubtedly appreciate any gift suggestions listed above. All you have to do is identify the correct product and items to meet their requirements and preferences. Each will surely enhance their smoking experience, and we can be sure that they will appreciate the time and effort you put into selecting the product. To identify the best of the best stoner-related presents, I looked from various sources and websites to gather data.


Consider visiting our website to locate the finest of the best stoner-related presents available in the market today. Don't let your friend be disappointed.


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